Legal Courier Services

Las Vegas Couriers offers legal courier services to help the people of the Las Vegas Valley keep their legal matters in order. Whether you need to file court petitions or court affidavits with your local courthouse, or serve a court subpoena to another office—we have legal delivery drivers who will make sure that your documents are delivered fast and professionally while you tend to the rest of your legal affairs.

What We Deliver

From court pleadings and court orders to court document retrievals and visa processing documents, whatever your legal documents are, we’ll deliver fast. Here’s a list of other legal document deliveries that we’ve regularly delivered for our many clients in the Las Vegas Valley:

How it Works?

Las Vegas Couriers offers a wide assortment of delivery times and same day delivery services to fit your needs and your schedule. Here’s how our same day delivery service works for our many customers:
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Legal Courier Services Overview

Do you have a looming legal deadline and legal documents that must be filed or served ASAP? Maybe you have visa processing documents that need to be submitted quick and before the end of the day? With Las Vegas Couriers and our legal courier services, all of that is possible and much more. Already hundreds of law firms and individuals have come to Las Vegas Couriers to help keep their legal affairs in order by delivering their legal documents fast, professionally, and safely.

Did you know our same day delivery services can deliver your legal documents in as quick as 1 hour? That’s why we’re proud to offer our delivery guarantee with every package you entrust to us. No matter what courthouse, clerk office, or firm that you need to deliver your papers to—we’ll always hit the mark with our legal courier services and deliver within the promised time frame.

Our bonded legal delivery drivers have years of experience in navigating your streets and getting your legal papers to your local courthouses, Supreme Court, clerk offices, and housing courts, both in Las Vegas and all throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Whether it’s for a court filing or a court document retrieval, we carry out the delivery job with efficiency and professionalism, always using the most direct routes and locating the right office or court chamber.

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